Working with Elliott has been a life changing experience for me. In the last 5 months, I have become stronger, leaner, healthier, happier and wiser. It has given me the tools to become a better version of myself. Even when I was injured, he tailored workouts and motivated me not to give up on my fitness goals. As a result I recovered in half the time!

Thanks to the encouragement and education I received, I think the biggest win is my attitude change towards food. My entire life I had nutritional deficiencies, and recently I got perfect blood test results! I used to literally starve myself and go on juice cleanses to lose weight. I now look at food a fuel and think about beauty completely differently.

Thank you for changing my life!


I started training with Elliott a few weeks after my 41st birthday. I came in as a tired, stiff, regular dude who hadn’t been to a gym in 2-3 months. Even when I did go, I ran the treadmill for 20 min, bench-pressed, and then maybe did some curls, sit-ups, and leg extensions. It had been at least 12-15 years since I consistently maintained any kind of intense physical activity. I also knew nothing about how to eat.

My transformation into the athlete I am today was fast at first. It took about 3-4 months of training 3 times a week for me to see the first shocking changes. My strength and stamina jumped first. My body felt like it exploded with new muscles. My mood and energy levels soared. I felt the joy of moving again like a kid at play as the wind returned to my lungs.

Following that, the next year was actually humbling because I got to know enough information to realize that further gains in health would require a much more in-depth focus on diet, rest, and mobility. These are the things that required a lot more discipline and focus. Without these, the results so far felt just like show – but not really deep enough to make me feel totally ‘healthy.’ For example, was I really healthy if I suddenly looked better without a shirt on, but I still couldn’t touch my toes?

In Oct. of 2012 I started the Nutritional Advantage program and have never turned back. Elliott also taught me how to further dial in how I was eating before and after work-outs, how to take in the right foods and supplements to help me recover, and build muscle, and even what to eat to sleep better at night.

And once I added consistent mobility exercises to my regiment the results in how I performed during training and how I’ve been able to simply move pain free has been astonishing.

Thanks so much to my coaches – who I can now call friends.



The nutrition guidance from Elliott has been terrific for me.

First, as a woman over 40 who is not truly overweight, I had been unable to lose weight or fat. In 5 weeks, my body fat went down 2.2 percent and I gained 1.8 percent muscle, doing the same amount of exercise. My clothes fit much better now.

Second, I had a major sweet tooth and had trouble sitting next to items like Mrs. Field’s cookies during work meetings without indulging. It’s gone.

Third, all this happened despite the fact that over half my meals are in restaurants. I have been able to find a good balance of having control over my food at home and making smart choices when I’m out.

In short, I’ll be staying with my nutrition plan for long long time. Thanks to Elliott for all the help.


Before I began training with Elliott, I was weighing 315 pounds and carrying 34% body fat. Simple tasks such as walking up a flight of stairs and bending over to tie my shoes were difficult.

After 12 months of Elliott’s coaching and nutritional advice, I weighed 235 pounds. That’s 80 pounds – gone! And with his most recent supplementation advice, I lost another 22 pounds (5% body fat) in 5 weeks!

While losing fat, I gained strength and endurance. Before, I couldn’t do a single pull-up. Now I can do 6. Recently I ran a 6:41 mile, my fastest time ever. And, most important, I finally have a feel for what food and exercise my individual body requires to become lean and fit.

This progress would’ve taken much longer if I had pursued it alone. That’s why I’m happy to recommend Elliott. He’s passionate about health and fitness, and it’s reflected in his breadth of knowledge and his ability to give targeted, sound advice. He can quickly diagnose issues with lifting technique, which kept my exercises safe and helped me get stronger faster. In addition, I’ve received more valuable, pertinent nutritional advice from Elliott than from any diet book or blog post.

Above all, you can tell that Elliott enjoys helping people achieve their goals. His expert coaching has helped me immensely, and with him as your coach, I firmly believe he’ll do the same for you.



I travel a lot so I’ve been to a few CrossFit gyms around the US. As a visitor from San Fransisco, I dropped in for a group CrossFit class with Elliott, and he delivered on every account.

He took the time to instruct us all on the skills/movements to prepare for the workout. During the workout, he circulated around the room providing feedback to all the athletes, making sure form and technique weren’t compromised for speed or weight. If I learn something new and get a little better, it’s a good day and a good coach. Check and check.


I grew up with a background in sports – playing hockey, football, and muay thai – but had fallen out of shape and gained a significant amount of weight.

When I first started working with Orion, it was hard work and I had to modify a lot of the movements as i tried to build up my strength and mobility. Throughout my entire experience, the coaches have been fantastic offering a wealth of knowledge while continuing to be incredibly motivating every day. And since adding the Nutritional Advantage program, I have seen amazing progress in weight loss, strength, and day-to-day energy. I FEEL GREAT!!!

Now almost a year in, I am extremely happy with my progress in strength, endurance, motivation and energy and how it is translatable to the rest of my life outside the gym! I feel that I’m in the best shape of my life, and I have no intention to stop improving and unlocking my body’s potential.

Thank you Elliott for being so great at what you do. I would not have made the progress or become anywhere close to where I am without the help and motivation from great coaches. You guys are really inspiring.



It is now almost 6 months from the time of Elliott’s Corporate Wellness presentation at Mashreq. I was one of the fortunate ones to attend it.

This is simply to express gratitude at the excellent guidance given by him to us. I have followed his nutrition plan religiously, and have reduced my weight by almost 16 kgs (I was 86 kgs+ earlier, and am approx 70 kgs now)!!!

The most amazing part about his nutrition plan is that I can eat all the right things “in abundance”. With this reduced weight, I feel much healthier, and am generally happier because of the new look.

So, Elliott, thank you very much for the time that you spent with us. It has had a transformational effect on me, and others too.