About Me


Elliott is a seasoned strength and health coach, Precision Nutritionist, and has spent over a decade working in multiple areas of fitness. He has helped clients of all levels – from youth sports to professional athletes to working executives – break through to new levels of health and performance.

Exercise, nutrition, and integrative health are the pillars of his approach to driving clients to their goals. He has studied under world-class coaches and worked across the globe helping people to improve athletic performance, regain health, and simply look better naked.

As a former athlete, Elliott was a state-ranked junior tennis player in Florida, a Division 1 tennis and football player at the University of Connecticut, and a medal-winning competitive Crossfitter. He is current based in Southern California, and is available for both in-person and remote coaching.


PICP, Level 3
BioSignature Modulation, Level 2
Precision Nutrition, Level 1
USA Weightlifting
Catalyst Athletics Weightlifting
CrossFit Level 1
CrossFit Mobility                                                              Kelly Starrett
CrossFit Football                                                              John Welbourn
Alexander Method SMR, Level 2                                   Jeff Alexander
Muscle Nerds, Level 2                                                     Luke Leaman
Functional Stability Training, Upper/Lower Body         Eric Cressey, Mike Reinold
Bayesian Personal Trainer Course                                 Menno Henselmens
Poliquin Group Fat Loss Course                                     Poliquin Group
YSPI Hypertrophy & Fat Loss Course                             Wolfgang Unsold
KILO Body Composition                                                 Stephane Cazeault
KILO Hypertrophy                                                           Stephane Cazeault
KILO Advanced Program Design                                 Stephane Cazeault
MI40 Muscle Camp                                                        Ben Pakulski
MI40 Nutrition                                                                  Kassem Hanson
N1 Biomechanics & Nutrition                                         Kassem Hanson
First Aid, CPR